Stone Age
The Earliest Palaeolithic Sites in Central Dagestan 49–511
The Latest Finds from Khotylyovo 25
Zaraysk B 24
New Stone-Age Sites in the Gubskoye Ravine 43
First Multi-level Mesolithic Peat-Bog Site in the Eastern Urals area 16

Bronze Age and the Early Iron Age
North-Eastern Syria: excavations at Tell Hazna 1 52
Bronze-Age Sites in the North-Western Caucasus 42
Archaeological Investigations in Abkhazia 44–46
Settlements with a Symmetrical Layout in the Northern Caucasus 47
Stratified Burial-mounds from the Bronze Age in the lower reaches of the Don 31, 32
New Bronze-Age finds in the middle reaches of the Don 27, 28
The Study of Bronze- and Iron-Age Sites along the Moscow River 19–22

Primitive Art
Project for Rock-Art Research 54–56

Classical and Scythian-Sarmatian sites
Phanagoria 40
Tanais 34
Archaeological Investigations on the Crimean littoral of the Sea of Azov 35–39
The Abrau Peninsula in Antiquity 41
Kampyrtepa Fortress 53
Completion of the Excavations of the Burial-ground near the village of Filippovka
in the Southern Urals 29
Ancient Sites of the Volga-Don Steppes 30

Middle of the I millennium AD
A Group of Archaeological Sites at Ostraya Luka in the Don valley 26
Finnish Burial-sites from the first half of the I millennium AD in Suzdal Opolye 13
Settlements and Burial-grounds of the I and early II millennia AD
in the Sambian Peninsula 1, 2, 4, 5
Early Medieval Burial-ground at Mamisondon in Northern Ossetia 48

Medieval and post-Medieval Periods
The Desyatinnyi Trench in Novgorod the Great 6
Investigation of the Monastery of the Annunciation and the St. Panteleimon Monastery
near Novgorod 7, 8
Rostov the Great 12
The Earliest Settlement in Yaroslavl 11
Archaeological Investigations within “Monomakh’s Town” in Vladimir 15
New Investigations of Medieval Sites in Central Byeloozero 9, 10
Rostislavl Ryazanskii 23
Excavations at the Novosyolki Burial-ground 18
The Monastery of the Resurrection in Novyi Jerusalim 17
The Tomb of the Princes Pozharsky and Khovansky in Suzdal 14
Mass Graves from the period of the Napoleonic Wars in Kaliningrad 3

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